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Sonesta's Newly Renovated SF Property, The Clift Royal Sonesta Hotel: With Stunning Rooms and Food!

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

2021 November 20

Blog by Maelynn Le

Renovated Spanish Suite Photo by: Sonesta International Corporation (SIC)

The Clift Royal Sonesta Hotel is located in San Francisco, CA, part of the Sonesta franchise hotels. The Clift Royal Sonesta Hotel is a century-year-old gem and was first opened in February of 1915 by Frederick C. Clift. In late 2019, renovation started at the hotel and in 2021, the renovations were finished and the hotel looks super clean, modern, and contemporary. On November 11th, there was a press event I was invited to and got to tour their newly renovated Spanish Suite, the private apartment, Fredrick’s Eatery, and the Redwood room. In addition, they were able to accommodate us with some food in the Spanish Suite and Fredrick’s Eatery.

The Spanish Suite (photo shown above) serves as a sophisticated private room with over 2300 square feet which includes a burning fireplace, two massive crystal chandeliers, wood panel, walls, and two beautiful balconies overlooking the city of San Francisco. I love the space and how modern it is. I feel this room was a modern rustic feel to the place and it’s a great room to host special events too. The view overlooking San Francisco was absolutely gorgeous and you can see this stunning view that you will be amazed at. At the Spanish Suite, we were offered some food like beef empanadas, ceviche, pork belly, etc. All of these bites were perfect for the palette and everything tasted fresh. There were a lot of layers and texture created in each of the bites as well so those were nice snacks to have.

The Private Apartment (not shown) is newly renovated about 1800 sq feet with a king sized bed, living room, has a dining table, bathroom, dressing area, and a mini bar. The wood paneling makes the living room feel modern rustic like the Spanish suite which gives the room a modern rustic charm. I loved all of the windows overlooking San Francisco and how spacious the living room was. When I went to the bedroom, it had a more modern feel to the room veruses a rustic contemporary. It looked spacious but I almost wish the same rustic charm that was in the living room kept going in the bedroom. The view on one side of the window was just a view of a baice/white building that didn’t look appealing. On the other side of the room was another window overlooking the beautiful views and buildings of San Francisco. That side was beautiful and I can see myself waking up to that view everyday. Overall, I do think the private apartment was nice but I wish the rustic modern charm still kept going to the bedroom and if the view of the building on that one side of the bedroom was gone.

Mini desserts from Fredrick’s Eatery Redwood Room Photo by: SIC

Photo by: Maelynn Le

Fredrick’s Eatery and the Redwood room are two newly renovated eateries/beverage options that the Sonesta hotel offer. Fredrick’s Eatery is an upscale but casual eatery that serves breakfast (and lunch coming soon) that opened in the fall of 2021. Chef Daniel Corey is the executive chef for both Fredrick’s Eatery and the Redwood room as well. Fredrick’s Eatery has a beautiful black and white pattern floor with neutrally painted walls that has a sophisticated but yet casual feel to the room. I love the theme that the hotel was going for in the eatery and I love how they renovated the eatery. During the event, they even gave us some small bites prepared by Chef Daniel and I have to say, the food was well prepared and I can tell the eatery options would be as great as our bites. The Redwood room was reopened in the summer of 2021. They are known to serve some small bites, handcraft cocktails, and alcoholic drinks. Inside this beautiful room, the walls are made out of redwood with bold lighting, a whisky library, and beautiful painted art on the walls. I have to say that room felt old-fashioned but it still felt modern at the same time. The furnishings are modern and I love how they tie into the theme of redwood in the room. It’s a nice place to chill and get drinks after a long day. Overall, the Clift Royal Sonesta Hotel in San Francisco, CA did a great job renovating this hotel. The newly renovated hotel is more modern and guest can enjoy how modern the hotel is with the hotel’s stunning views of San Francisco!

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